Land Ownership & Leasing

Here, in Plasencia Spain, Archdeacon Carvajal has opted to offer land he acquired to his lower-level family members. The purpose of this process is so the Archdeacon can begin to collect taxes on the land while offering opportunities for his close family to build on their own personal wealth. During this time, most land offered by the church would lock in any land from being able to produce quality products. With Archdeacon Carvajal offering the land to his family, this allows for expansion of wealth among Plascencia. Specifically, the land Carvajal had given to his family was grape vines. In medieval times, wine was an important export as many had found it had healing powers as well as directly related to the blood of Christ (communion). Wine is a simple process and grapes can go a long way. 1-acre of land can produce almost 2000 bottles of wine, thus allowing quick monetary turn around.