Taxation from the Clergy

November 1425, Bishop Santa María appointed Gonzalo Garcia to go make a delivery to Juan II. Archdeacon Carvajal appeared before his peers and suggested that they shall pay up 45 gold florins within three days in order to complete the deliveries. This scene of taxation is important because of its impact it had on the church and power dynamic of the kingdom. It meant that the Carvajal family is one to be respected and especially when they had the support from the Santa Maria family. This helped Gonzalo Garcia as well by showing that he was closer to the Santa Maria family and in turn gained more control of the church and its amenities. This also allowed for the Santa Maria Family to gain trust at home in Plascencia as well as abroad with the King. This kind of trust was hard to come by and allowed Gonzalo and his family to gain their wealth and stature.