Digital Narration – Team Blasphemy

Spanish Inquisiton Torture

An Exploration Into Four Torture Methods of The Spanish Inquisition

Research Conducted by: Levi Civjan, Isaac Sawyer, Miranda Sherwood, Aaron Wilson

The Spanish Inquisition Had Significant Societal Costs. During the Spanish Inquisition, Torture Methods Expanded and Developed From The Beginning of the Inquisition to modern times. According to Dr. Hassner, The Main Purpose Torture Served in The inquisition was used for religious purposes, testing the truthfulness of recent converts, and outing critics of Church authority. This project intends to analyze, reveal, and display the history behind four of these torture methods and the societal costs they entailed.

Goya’s Night Scene

An image was drawn by Francisco Goya in 1810 demonstrates the discrepancy between power dynamics in Spain. Primarily, these power dynamics were heavily influenced by the Church. The power differentials displayed contributed to societal costs that benefited the Church and the Clergy and diminished the rights of society external from the church.

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